• over 30 years of training experience
  • 21 years of professional experience
  • on-line since 1998
  • It all started more than 30 years ago when both Jiri Novotny and Jiri Pokorny started to train their first German Shepherd (GS) when they both were still teenagers.
    Over the years dedicated to training and breeding they both became professionals in the field of GS and so with the coming of the age of Internet they tried to be the first ones one the web to promote their skills and experience.

    Jinopo specializes in breeding and training of the working type of German Shepherd. The goal of the entire breeding work is to breed healthy and strong German Shepherds that are able to be used in the Police/Military service or as a family/property protection dogs.

    In our breeding program we use 21 years of Jiri Novotny's experience acquired by directing the breeding program of the world-renowned Z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennel.


    As we believe that the work of a breeder in nowadays world is international we are trying to cooperate with the breeders worldwide. We have been cooperating with our friend Hans from Alpine Safety K9 International (www.alpinek9.com) for decades and now you can also contact Hans for any inquiry regarding to our dogs. Just as we are, Hans is dedicated to the old style GSD as it was originally intended by Max von Stephanitz, the creator of the breed.

    We also cooperate with our friends in Asia. For several years we have been cooperating with our friend Al at Asonial Kennels in Manila, Philippines.


    The second activity of Jinopo is the research, development and manufacturing of protective aids for helpers and training objects for effective training of dogs. Everyday experience of training dogs that is done by both Jiris for more than 30 years already is put into the whole process. We use materials that are pleasant for dogs and that have long durability. Everything is developed in a way so it enables the training of the dogs to be as near to the real life situations as possible. In U.S.A. the equipment is available through Alpine K9. [more...]

    Our kennels are located in Melnik, town situated 1 hour drive from the capital city Prague and Ruzyne International Airport. The new kennels are built to accommodate our dogs in the best way possible so they provide them enough space and comfort.

    All our individuals used in our breeding program have at least velmi dobry (very good) body conformation, strong bones, good pigmentation and strong health. They are also significant for their high food drive, high working drives and early working maturity. The selection of our stud dogs and females is focused on their trainability, solid nerves and ability to protect their territory. The males and female come from the 6 basic blood lines, or more precisely from their individual branches that prove themselves in the breeding program of former z Pohranicni straze kennel. Today this blood is combined with the blood of significant working German Shepherds from ouside Czech Republic that have proved themselves in the breeding programs and that have the above described breeding features and traits.

    The dogs are specially trained for real life situations and most of them are family risen, so that they can be used for PROTECTION OF FAMILY WITH CHILDREN or LAW ENFORCEMENT. All dogs have good social behavior.

    We can divide our dogs into three groups:

  • Family/Property protection dogs
  • Police/Military work dogs
  • Sport dogs

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    t: +420 724 240 359
    f: +420 315 629 714

    Jiri Novotny (* 1955)

    - 1969 started to train his first dog Brona Onyx

    - 1971 1st success, when Jiri Novotny completed his first ZVV1 title with Brona Onyx

    - 1972 1st litter with Brona Onyx after completing 1st breed survey and 1st show
    dogs bred under "z Jirkova dvora" kennel name registered under his father's name

    - between 1969 - 1979 "z Jirkova dvora" had 15 litters and Jiri Novotny completed more than 30 titles with the dogs

    - October 1st 1979 Jiri Novotny joins Border Patrol (Pohranicni straz) but in his free time he still keeps training his dogs

    - 3 months later Jiri Novotny is promoted for his knowledge and experience Deputy to the Chief of training at Central Handler's school of Border Patrol.
    Here he meets his first GS of the East German (DDR) working type and immediately falls in love with them for the rest of his life.

    These dogs were:
    Mek v. Weida Grund
    Bojar v. Schotterhoff
    Viktor v. d. Elguelle
    Treu v. Schafferstolz

    These dogs and the ones imported after 1984 from East Germany by Jiri Novotny (they were Gomo v. Schieferschloss, Whisky v. Ritterberg, Ivo v.d. Buschecke, and Bero Frieden Dorfer Flur) create the majority of ancestors of the most of the working GS (Police, Sport) in the whole world.

    - October 10. 1981 - April 30th 2001 Jiri Novotny has worked in the top canine functions of Border Patrol (Pohranicni straze), Border Police and Czech Republic police. He has directed the kennel "z Pohranicni straze (z PS)" for the whole 20 years. In this function he had the opportunity to take decision in thousands breedings, evaluate hundreds of litters that were done in the breeding program of this kennel.

    - Next to his professional work with dogs and handlers at z PS, Jiri Novotny never stops training his own dogs. He has completed over 200 titles with his dogs so far.

    The most successful ones were:
    Eno Zeus ZVV3
    Arab z Jirkova dvora ZVV3
    Got z Jirkova dvora ZVV3
    Baron z Pohranicni straze ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3
    Gero z Blatenskeho zamku ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3
    Lery Naspo ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3
    Dargo Ha-Ja-Da ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3

    - May 1st 2001 Jiri Novotny retires from his professional career with Czech Police and from now on intends to devote his time solely to training and breeding his own German shepherds.

    - February 16th 2008 Jiri Novotny is elected as a National Breed Warden and National Advisor on breeding of German Sheherd Dogs (GSD) in the Czech republic.

    - September 16. 2010 Jiri Novotny has been registered by committee of CMKU (Czech Kennel Club) as a International judge for German Shepherd breed conformation.

    Jiri Pokorny (* 1957)

    - 1966 started to train with his first dog Ajax

    - 1973 1st titles (ZVV1, ZVV2) achieved with Jiri Pokorny's 2nd dog Brit

    - 1st experience as helper. When the local K9 club official helper didn't arrive he was told to put on the sleeve. Ever since then he's interested and doing the helper work for the club and Jinopo, thus developing his skills as a helper for sport and service dogs. His professional experience is used for the development of the training and protective aids used by Jinopo.

    - 1974 Jiri Pokorny meets Jiri Novotny and because of their similar canine interest the cooperation starts and continues till today.

    - 1977 Jiri Pokorny acquires his 1st dog with pedigree Hero z Jirkova dvora

    - 1981 Jiri Pokorny and Hero achieve 7th place at the 1st Czech Republic Championship of rescue dogs in the individual class and 1st place together with J. Novotny and B. Mracek in the group class

    - As a year conscript at Border Patrol (Pohranicni straz) Jiri Pokorny works in Handler's school of Border Patrol. Here he directs the training of 30 handlers and their service dogs. Only 1 handler has a previous experience with dogs but they still manage to end up the course with the excellent marking for the group. Jiri Pokorny gains a great experience with so many service dogs around. As the dogs were trained to protect the borders of the two world orders (Capitalism and Communism) their training had to be very intensive and of an excellent quality. The dogs selected for the service had to have the right temperament and supreme health.

    - 1982 Jiri Pokorny and Hero achieve 16th place at the Czechoslovakian Championship of service dogs - throughout the 80's and 90's Jiri Pokorny continues to train his dogs and being official helper of the local K9 club in his free time. - 1998 Jiri Pokorny retires from his job and starts devoting his time to Jinopo.