FANG: (below)
FACOR: (below)
Puppies are 8 weeks old in the pictures.
Zako Max z Jirkova dvora x BESTIE Palomino Bonito litter.
FANG z Jirkova dvora, DOB July 12 2019. FANG is very nice black sable male with long hair, strong bones and balanced drives. He is suitable mainly for personal protection or as a dual purpose law enforcemetn dog. FANG is a dog with great willingness to work for his handler.

FACOR z Jirkova dvora, DOB July 12 2019. FACOR is large, strong, dominant male with long coat. FACOR loves people and is able to work with great endurance for them. He is suitable as a family protection dog or law enforcement dog that can serve in difficult environment.