LARGO z Blatenskeho zamku, DOB August 20. 2009, hips: 0/0, elbows: healthy in order (see pictures below), titled: ZVV2, showed: very good, selective breed 4CVQ1/P.

DESCRIPTION: LARGO is a male with imposting medium size but strong body with large head and beautiful black sable color. LARGO originates from 5th blood line, namely from world renowned branch via INGO v. Rudingen, ORRY v. Haus Antverpa, X, X, ELLUTE v.d. Mohnwiese. His mother carries proven blood of z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennel via GRIM z PS, CHRISTA z PS, EMIL z PS, VOLF z PS, TREU v. Schaeferstolz. LARGO is social but at the same time dog with strong sport and also real protection. LARGO is good with his handler and he behaves normally around his family and children. With his imposing looks he will be a center of attention. LARGO will make great partner as a family dog for the protection of the family and its property. He can also be used as a personal protection dog, also as a sport dog. Because of his pedigree he can also be used as a stud dog.