JENNY Vepeden, DOB December 22 2009, elbows/hips: 0/0, titled: ZVV1, IPO VO, ZZO, FPr1, BH, ZM, showed: velmi dobra (very good), breed survey code: 5CV1/P.

DESCRIPTION: JENNY is large strong self confident female that loves to be trained. She has good social behavior and is used to stay mainly in the kennel. She loves children and is used to traveling in the car. Her obedience is very good, her protection is very strong and real. JENNY comes from the world renowned 5th sire's bloodline of former DDR that was founded by INGO v. Rudingen. From her mother's side she belongs to the 2nd bloodline, also world renowned, founded by FERO v.d. Zeuterner Himmel Reich. JENNY is currently bred to ARAM Tufra and pregnancy is confirmed already. We expect puppies to be strong dark working dogs with strong bones and heads.