ATTA Adnaf, DOB September 29 2011, titled: ZVV1, show: vyborny (excellent), breed survey: 1st class 5JY1/P , elbows/hips: 0/0, DNA.

DESCRIPTION: ATTA belongs from her sire's side to the 5th bloodline, namely to the former DDR branch founded by INGO v. Rudingen, HELD vom Ritterberg, KASS vom Furstendamm, MARKO z Blatenskeho zámku, AKR SNB, ADIR z Pohraniční stráže, QUINT z Daskonu, LUCA ze Stříbrného kamene, KIR MIS Jasoko. Most of these dogs were significant working dogs.
From her dam's side she also belongs to the 5th bloodline namely to the former DDR branch from INGO v. Rudingen, HELD v. Ritterberg, QUINT vom Baruther Land, HENK vom Woltersee, CLIFF vom Ostend, ODIN a.d. Konighshoehle, IIKO a.d. Konigshoehle, CHULIGAN Katerko.
ATTA herself is a selfconfident female that is a one mad dog. The handler that gained her heart can be sure that he will have female that loves to work for him without any limits. Her another potential handler has to first bond with her properly before she will accept him/her. This characteristic feature is slowly diminishing from nowadays GSD type and GSD is slowly becoming hunt dog and not a dog for house and owner's protection. ATTA's protection is real. She bites 50% from defence and 50% from prey drive.